The next generation of appointments is here.

Join Mynt21 Business, and let clients discover and book you via the Mynt21 app.

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Download on the App Store
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The future of booking appointments is now.

No more agenda books. No more phone calls at 7:00 AM. No more "DMs for appointments".

Unlimited Bookings

Whether you like to auto-accept booking requests or you pick and choose, we got you.
You can also have waitlists just in case!

No Commissions

We only make money via subscriptions. Booking fees, payments, and tips are your money, you earned it! (Coming soon!)

Unlimited Services

Whether your services are in-person or virtual, available only to a private clientele, or at-home, we got it covered.

Unlimited Images

Your work is your craft, and it's what you show potential clients. Post an unlimited number of images on your profile!

Unlimited Clients

If you run a business with a private clientele, you can have an unlimited list of clients that can exclusively book you.

Unlimited Staff

If you run a business with multiple staff members, they can be booked directly from your booking form!

Seamless booking

No more booking links. No phone calls at inconvenient times. Booking is seamless when businesses, appointments, and clients are on the same platform.

Inclusive to all businesses

You can set your business to auto-accept appointment requests for walk-ins, only allow appointment requests from a private clientele, or have completely virtual appointments using our built-in voice and video chat.

Get discovered

Mynt21 is not a just a simple "client app", it has been built from the ground up to allow clients to discover local service-based businesses and easily book them for a seamless booking experience between a client and a business.

How to get started

Getting started with Mynt21 Business is done in 3 easy steps!


Create your account

Start your free trial, build your profile, and adjust your preferences.


Add a service

Create a category, add a service, and determine its schedule.


Share your QR code

Share your QR code so clients can book you via the Mynt21 client app!

Maximize Revenue.
Maximize Time.
Try 3 months for free!

And only $4.99/month afterwards! Focus on your work, and make it easier for your clients to book you.

Download on the App StoreGet it on Google Play
Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play